December 7, 2018

Let’s Deal with this Together.


I sincerely apologize for the silence on #MyBRTDiaries the past weeks, didn’t take the bus for a while till yesterday, hence this post which I am typing on a BRT bus.😁.

I remember saying I would share some part of myself, I have debated, arguied, questioned myself about making this post but I came to the conclusion that this present time/generation is filled with very unhappy and depressed people who feel alone and wear a facade of happiness while they die inside.
Nobody tells you how they overcome this thing called depression so I was inspired by Chude’s idea of ‘Being Vulnerable Together ‘ and decided to share this.

Like alot of people (They never admit and it’s totally fine, I never would have admitted it too) I have and am still fighting depression. Yes! I have had very dark depressing moments! Yes! I am still on my journey, I am still battling it.
The norm is that you only show your battle scars after they are healed, share the story after the battle… Well sorry, I’m not normal so that ship already sailed.

So for the next few posts, I’ll try to share how I have managed to keep my head above water, call it my “Battle Strategy” (I have them penned down so I won’t forget any) . I want us (Those who know what I am talking about and those who have constructive & positive contributions) to walk this road together, hand in hand.
You don’t need to come out like I just did. You can stay anonymous and just comment , send an inbox so we can communicate directly and encourage each other.

Please do share or mention anyone who you think would be interested in contributing.

For those waiting on Alhaja’s update… She is fine. Amebo people 😂😂😂

I’ll be in touch…

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