March 29, 2019

Lets Deal With This Together 2

Hi Guys!
Yesterday was one of those days, I had started thinking about all my financial commitments as against my likely flow of income for the months of April and May and I suddenly felt overwhelmed, empty and drained as this triggered my thoughts process to a whole lot more than just how to sought out my commitments.
This brings me to today’s points.

There are a number of things I used to do which wasn’t helping me.
1)I usually never say No to people, especially people who I care about
2) I always feel I should grab every opportunity (fear of failure)
3) so much to do, so much to impact, but so little time.

Because of the above, I was usually overwhelmed and mostly drained (emotionally, mentally and physically).
I wanted to be everything to everyone but I was giving so much out that I was loosing myself. These always led to a breakdown. But now I have learnt to say no if I weigh the sacrifice and it would leave me drained.
I turned down the offer of joining a group of people whose cause I love but I know I most likely will not be consistent.
I paused a personal project I started because I know I am yet to get the time and mental stamina to push it.
While saying no or turning down request, i try be tactical and give reasons why I can’t fulfill a person’s request.

I was in church service some weeks ago and I was crying while worship was ongoing. I could have sworn that alot of people would think I was been ministered to by the Holy Spirit or so😂😂 but I was seriously depressed and asking questions.
By the time the invited speaker came up and began to preach, she was answering alot of questions I was asking at that point. At the end of service, I was a very happy person.
I was eventually made to realize that I had just been fed.

I’m not just talking about physical food. But feed every aspect of your life.
Find a feeding point for your career or business, emotional, mental, spiritual and psychological life. That way when you give yourself to any commitment you won’t feel so drained and empty.
Feeding points remind you of alot.
That Sunday I was reminded of my identity. For you it could be a reminder of your strength.
Attend conferences, listen to messages, read books…. Just keep feeding your soul.

I hope you find this helpful. Please don’t hesitate to share and comment. Thanks to those who reached out and reminded me why I started this series… I’m glad we are all in this together.



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