August 25, 2018

The Gift of Men and Access

Hi guys.

Been a while, trying to build my candle business brand, working my 9-5 job and trying to have some me time has been crazy…. Adulthood is a Scam.

Anyway, I was able to go on a mini retreat on Wednesday (God bless Public Holidays) and it was a well needed time away from all the craziness of life, Nothing Beats Quietness! While on my retreat, I decided I would share this topic with you guys… The Gift of Men and Access.

Looking at my life over the years, I realized that I have been, I am and will definitely continue to be bless with the gift of men. I literally have people in every area of life. Many times when a friend needs something done or need to reach someone outside their reach or sphere of influence, another friend would just say “Call Rita, she’ll know someone ” and often times I actually always do. I have also found out that I have the gift of access to circles which most times are hard to get into (people close to me can testify 😁) but the main issue here is to not misuse this gift. Rather, to know the purpose for which that access is granted.

Some people get so carried away and take only pictures just to give a facade of being successful.

Look, ask yourself what value are you bringing to the table and what value are you taking home with you. When I sit within the circle of these “successful people “, Omo! It makes me go home, research, learn new things, gain more knowledge so that in the next meeting I’ll have major contributions to make.

If you are like me and you know you have these gifts, please don’t misuse. Don’t only be about taking and taking, don’t go meeting these people with all your family problems, go and add value.

If you are not sure what value you can add, please stay away for a while so you can preserve that access and relationship (I did this for whole of 2016-2017). Trust me, I have lost access to a lot of people because small pikin was doing me😐.

It hasn’t been easy getting that place back and I wouldn’t want someone else to make the same mistake.

Love you guys



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